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Amazing Sound Comfort fit
Warbler Series 3

Thin Tube Behind the Ear Amplifier offering premium sound quality, comfort fit for all day usage and manual user controls to adjust volume and program setting.

Warbler Series 5

Wireless Receiver In the Ear (RIC) Amplifier with state of the art sound quality, with feedback cancellation (no whistling) and active noise reduction when in crowds for better listening comfort. Use the Warbler app on your smartphone to adjust your volume, sound clarity and environmental programs.

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Affordable & Accessible

Experience elite features at an affordable price.

Through developed design, Warbler uses preset programs to offer pure and clear sound for specific environments. The Warbler Series 5 Amplifier offers elite sound quality, great comfort and some of the most advanced technologies available today.

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Eartip and Speaker

Rocker Switch Program/Volume


Dual Directional Microphones

Preset Program

Featuring four distinct programs for different listening environments


For all around use at home, in quiet, small groups or watching TV.


For better listening comfort in noisy situations such as restaurants.


For primary use in the outdoors, especially when windy.


For use at concerts, auditoriums or when simply listening to music.


Our technologies are designed to provide you with great sound quality in all situations.

Listed below are some of the features offered within the Series 5A

Elite Acoustic Performance

Warbler utilizes a new approach to amplification offering a unique listening experience.

Active Noise Reduction

Active noise reduction software designed to provide easy listening comfort in noisy situations.

Dynamic Feedback Canceler

No Whistling! The 5 Series uses a dynamic feedback cancelation system preventing that annoying feedback or whistling often produced with amplification.

Warbler Series 3

Sale priceFrom $400.00

/Per Ear

Warbler Series 5 Wireless

Sale priceFrom $600.00

/Per Ear

Style and Design

Discrete and sleek Behind the ear amplifier with slim tube design

Discrete and sleek behind the ear amplifier with receiver in the canal design

Instant Fit Solution

Utilizes a unique approach for amplification with 4 distinct environmental programs

Utilizes a unique approach for amplification with 4 distinct environmental programs

Adaptive Directionality

Offers dynamic dual microphone directionality

Offers dynamic dual microphone directionality

No Feedback or Whistling

Warbler uses an adaptive feedback cancellation system, preventing whistling

Warbler uses an adaptive feedback cancellation system, preventing whistling

Wireless Technology

Wireless technology used through its proprietary app, allowing you to pair to your smartphone.


60 Day Risk-Free Trial

The best educated decision you can make is by trying Warbler firsthand. Take advantage of our 60-day risk free trial period and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose, and only savings to gain. If for any reason you feel the Warbler isn’t for you, then you can return the amplifiers for full reimbursement within the trial period. Please note, return shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. Amplifiers and all accessories except for batteries, must be returned for full reimbursement. Trial period is voided if the amplifiers or accessories are physically damaged.

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