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Warbler Rechargeable Wireless Hearing Aids Series 7

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Stunning Looks.
Amazing Sound.
Undeniably Comfortable.

The Series 5 is a wireless Receiver In the Ear hearing aid designed with an instant fit configuration. The Series 7 has amazing sound quality and offers four distinct programs for different listening environments with best in-class background noise management. You can also connect your amplifiers to your smart phone using the Warbler app, allowing you to control the program settings and volume.

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Warbler Rechargeable Wireless Hearing Aids Series 7

Sale price$1,200.00 CAD Regular price$3,000.00 CAD
Comfortable and Discrete

Receiver In the Ear design developed to fit discretely over the ear, and stay in place throughout the day.

Adaptive Directionality

Adaptive microphone directionality that adjusts dynamically to background noise in order to help you hear speech in noisy environments.

Wireless Technology

This wireless feature allows you to use the Warbler app to connect your phone to your PSAPs. It also permits your amplifiers to work in unison when adjusting to background noise.

Active Noise Reduction

Uses active noise cancelling software that helps reduce background and wind noise while simultaneously offering increased listening comfort.

Warbler Series 7

Product Highlights

Discreet and lightweight

Sound Processing Technology

Extended bandwidth

Low Noise MEMS Microphones

Form fitted cables (S, M, L)

Soft silicone domes (S, M, L)

Voice indicators


Included in the Box

  • Amplifiers
  • Size Domes
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Amplifier Case
  • Batteries
  • Receiver Filters
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Instruction Manual
Amazing Sound Comfort fit


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