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Candidates wanted to try the new Warbler Amplifier. Take advantage of our introductory offer and our 60-day trial period.

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Offer Details

Warbler offers a new approach to amplification

It’s not a hearing aid, and that’s OK, because Warbler isn’t your typical amplifier. Hearing aids are programmed to an individual’s hearing ability, while the Warbler amplifier uses a best fit approach designed to deliver great sound quality. Take advantage of our 60 Day Risk Free trial. Try it and see for yourself. Remember you have nothing to lose, and only $1000s in savings to gain. All feedback is welcome.

Offering a new approach to amplification.

Hearing aids are getting more expensive while technologies are becoming more and more affordable to develop. You could easily pay $3000 to $4000 per hearing aid. In our opinion, that is unacceptable, and this is why we’re introducing Warbler. Warbler provides a unique approach to amplification offering great sound quality delivery in all situations; and with the use of the Warbler App, you can increase your listening comfort by adjusting the clarity and volume of your amplifiers or switch to the preset environmental programs such as restaurants, the outdoors or just watching TV for easy listening.

About Us

We’re a Canadian company based in the Pontiac region of West Quebec. Our founders have over 40 years of practical experience in the hearing health field. It is our belief that hearing is an essential in life. We also believe amplification should not cost you thousands of dollars, which is why we have released the Warbler amplifiers. The Warbler Series have been engineered to offer clear sound quality for all situations. Its design is robust, reliable, easy to use, and remarkably comfortable. Best of all our amplifiers cost only 20% of what mid-range hearing aids do. Not convinced? Then try our Risk Free* 60 day trial and see for yourself.

Product Highlights

Bluetooth Low Energy Technology*

App Control for Android & iPhone*

Impulse Noise Control

Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

Stunning Industrial Design

Elite Acoustic Performance

Active Noise Reduction

Low-Noise MEMS Microphones

Adaptive Directionality


Dynamic Feedback Canceler

Proprietary Wind-Noise Mgmt

* Available on Warbler Series 5 only.

Control with your device*

The Warbler App offers four distinct programs for different listening environments. These programs can be selected on the device by pressing the rocker switch or through the connecting with your smartphone.

* Available on Warbler Series 5 only.