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Discrete, Sophisticated, Affordable

Warbler Amplifiers offers great sound clarity with the latest hearing aid features at a fraction of the cost. Our features include noise reduction, high frequency clarity, wireless technologies.


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Wireless, Invisible and Affordable!

Warbler’s amplifiers could be the solution for you! Amplifiers use many of the current hearing aid technologies all at a fraction of the cost.

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Matt Q.


I have had my warbler series 5's for just two weeks, and they work great. They cost me only a fraction of what I would have paid in a private clinic. The app works really well. I can adjust the clarity and volume, and the programs work well also in their respective environment. Thank you.

Steve C.

Very Good Performance

I've really enjoyed these aids. I tried other brands, two altogether, for a heck of a lot more, but these are my favorites. They help me hear when I'm with family, or even at a hockey game, plus the comfort is exceptional. Don't even know I'm wearing them. Batteries last about a week. I strongly recommend Warbler.



The Warblers are my first experience with hearing aids so I cannot comment on how they might compare to the much more expensive products. I have had the Warblers for a couple of months and after experimenting with various settings and domes have found a combination that is working well for me. I would recommend that anyone with hearing loss give them a try. Customer service has been excellent.

Take advantage of our limited time offer of $250 off your purchase of a pair of Series 5, plus 1 year supply of free batteries. Offer Expires March 31, 2024.

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